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The commercial platform of BREKO

Thus, members as network operators and listing partners as suppliers benefit from an additional membership in the BREKO Purchasing Group (BREKO Einkaufsgemeinschaft eG)


To improve the customer experience and reduce support costs, network operators of the BREKO Purchasing Group rely on the Conntac self-service solution in their own corporate design.

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As a strong partner for member companies of the German Broadband Association (Bundesverband Breitbandkommunikation e.V. / BREKO), the BREKO Purchasing Group (BREKO Einkaufsgemeinschaft eG) was founded as a cooperative in 2010 to offer all network operators and municipal utilities a commercial platform and to create economic added value in fibre optic deployment. As an aggregator, multiplier and facilitator, the BREKO Purchasing Group ensures an attractive and extensive product portfolio, which a large number of member companies use for fibre rollout in order to strengthen their competitiveness in the long term.

The BREKO Purchasing Group stands for a strong know-how transfer among the members of the cooperative, which can additionally preserve the own resources in the fibre optic deployment. Be part of it and benefit from the great cohesion in a cooperative.

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Membership in only 6 steps

Find out how you can become a member in just six steps and benefit from attractive offers from the listing partners for fibre optic rollout.

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Your membership in the BREKO Purchasing Group

For many network operators it is important to be able to serve the growing market quickly and effectively. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with listing partners from the industry, the BREKO Purchasing Group provides wholesale products as white label solutions and another BREKO-certified product portfolio for fibre optic rollout.

The BREKO Purchasing Group already has these solutions from the three areas of services and hardware "ready on the shelf" and can therefore offer all BREKO members effective access to products and services particularly quickly and particularly cheaply. So why sit down yourself, invest a lot of time in finding the right suppliers and conduct lengthy negotiations when we have already done it all for you?

Partnership in only 6 steps

Find out how you can become a listing partner in just six steps and achieve a targeted approach to network operators in fibre optic rollout.

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Your partnership with the BREKO Purchasing Group

Every successful company needs a healthy network in order to differentiate itself from the competition and generate growth. Many companies have excellent products and services - but the best product and service alone does not generate sales and growth. Only the right contacts can ensure that your own sales strategy pays off in the long run. More growth - more opportunities.

That's why the BREKO Purchasing Group, with its cooperative members, offers a network that pays off in the truest sense of the word. With quick access to the strategic and operational decision-makers in the specialist departments, all associated members benefit within the framework of a partnership from direct contacts to the network operators in broadband expansion and can thus optimally place and offer their products.

The member communication of the BREKO Purchasing Group

As a commercial platform and digitally driven cooperative in BREKO, the BREKO Purchasing Group has already been developing practical formats for some time in order to best meet the market requirements of the network operators organised in the group. In this way, network operators as member companies benefit from BREKO-certified products and solutions that are presented in best-practice models. Suppliers and service providers have the opportunity to present themselves in a targeted manner to the right contacts of the network operators, to increase their own brand awareness and to generate qualified leads through a listing partnership.

BREKO White Label Glass Fibre Declaration Films

Their versatility at information events, in daily acquisition, online in social networks and, of course, on the company's own homepage make the proven white-label fibre optic explanatory films of BREKO Purchasing Group the best tool available on the market for convincing customers and decision-makers to opt for a fibre optic connection. By using these films, network operators benefit from a strengthening of their own market presence and secure a great time and cost advantage compared to their own production.

Our offer for the development of a promotional film

Addressing network operators and municipal utilities in a way that is appropriate for the target group is one of the main challenges that suppliers and service providers of products and solutions in need of explanation face every day in fibre optic expansion. The BREKO Purchasing Group has therefore developed a special offer. Associated member companies that decide to enter into a listing partnership additionally receive easy access to the creation and development of a joint explanatory film for the product solution offered as part of an introductory offer. In addition to their own use via various marketing channels, they benefit from wide-ranging distribution as part of BREKO Purchasing Group member communication. Listing partners secure the attention of BREKO network operators and explain even complex issues in an entertaining way simply and confidently to the jointly defined target group!


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