The BREKO team

As BREKO association, we are committed to your concerns and your economic success:

at the head office in Bonn, the capital office in Berlin, the European office in Brussels, the federal states, in the Purchasing Group and the Service Company.

Dr. Stephan Albers

Birgit Görres

Anna Nass

Jan-Niklas Steinhauer, LL.M.

Jan Simons

Oliver Ulke

Tonja Clasen

Lydia Heinen

Sven Knapp

Benedikt Kind

Annika Sasse-Röth

Heike Volz

Daniel Seufert

Benedict William Gromann

Jonas Wöll

Jürgen Magull

Markus Schuster

Dominik Zink, B.Sc.

Ayca Akkaya

  • Student Assistant / Trainee
  • Head Office Bonn

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BREKO in English

Unfortunately, this page is only available in German at the moment. You can find information about BREKO in English at BREKO European Office.