Broadband Cost Reduction Directive/DigiNetzG

In December 2020, the European Commission published the public consultation for the revision of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (BCRD), which is also the basis for the German DigiNetzGesetz. The proposition includes mesasures for the reduction of deployment costs for very high capacity networks as well as new incentives for faster and cost-efficient broadband deployment.

The measures that are part of the revision especially include access to physical infrastructures, co-deployment, permit-granting procedures and requirements for in-building physical infrastructure in new buildings or buildings undergoing extensive renovation.

Background and goals of the BCRD:

According to the European Commission, the aim of the revision is to adapt the directive to current developments in technology, markets and regulation and to promote the efficient and rapid development of sustainable very high capacity networks, including fibre networks, so that they are in line with the EECC and contribute to making the sector more environmentally friendly. The published questionnaire therefore also includes sections for the EU policy overarching themes of sustainability, 5G deployment and post-Covid economic reconstruction. The survey has two main objectives, 1.) a retrospective assessment of stakeholder input regarding the implementation of the RL and 2.) a forward looking survey on stakeholder views regarding new policies.

Lastly, BREKO participated in the consultation of the BCRD roadmap in the summer with a statement and has been actively involved in discussions with the responsible unit of DG CNECT in recent months. Of course, we will also participate in the ongoing consultation, on the basis of which we will be able to prepare a first draft of the opinion.

Further information on the subject is available from the Regulation Working Group.

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