Echte Glasfaser für Deutschland ("real fiber for Germany")

Become part of our marketing campaign "Fiber for Future" and qualify for the new label „ECHTE GLASFASER – BREKO zertifiziert“ ("real fiber - certified by BREKO")

As the leading fiber optic association, the Federal Broadband Association (BREKO) awards German network operators with a quality seal who demonstrate themselves as trustworthy, competent, and reliable fiber optic partners locally in German regions, thus actively implementing our guiding principle "Fiber for Future" for Germany's competitiveness. The quality seal "real fiber optic" is tied to criteria such as the level of investments made and planned in fiber optic access networks up to buildings and apartments. Additionally, a prerequisite is that the awarded company prioritizes the expansion of these genuine fiber optic connections over other technologies.

What is "true" fiber optic?

The term "true fiber optic" refers to fiber optic lines extending into buildings (FTTB) and homes (FTTH). In the case of FTTH = Fiber to the Home, the line consists entirely of fiber optic cable. Since only fiber optic can transmit high bandwidths, only a complete fiber optic line is considered a "true" fiber optic line.

With the abbreviation FTTC (Fiber to the curb), the fiber optic lines only extend to the building or even just to the junction box on the street, not to each individual user. A portion of the line then still consists of old copper or TV cables. Each line is only as fast as its slowest component, so the benefits of fiber optic cannot be fully utilized.

Fiber for all by 2030

The federal government has set ambitious goals for the comprehensive expansion of future-proof digital infrastructure in its Gigabit strategy. With a current fiber optic coverage of 26 percent (as of June 30, 2022), an initial milestone has been achieved. In order to reach the federal government's goal of providing half of German households and businesses with fiber optic by the end of 2025, improving expansion conditions is more important than ever in the context of the current geopolitical and economic situation.

Who are the partners in fiber optic expansion? Alternative network operators are responsible for over 70 percent of the expansion with genuine fiber optic connections in Germany. They provide both urban areas and rural areas with future-proof fiber optic connections.

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