Relief actions of BREKO member companies for the people in Ukraine

We are following the incidents in Ukraine with big concern. The thoughts of BREKO and its member companies are with the people on site and with all the relatives around the world who are worried about their loved ones and friends.

Many of our member companies have set up aid projects to help quickly and unbureaucratically and to make it easier for those affected to connect with relatives in and outside Ukraine. We would like to collect the aid projects of our member companies to make them accessible to more people. We have compiled a list of some of the aid projects below. Further aid projects are being planned, depending on the respective situation. We will keep you up to date, here and on our social media channels.

Appeals for donations and aid projects for the people in Ukraine:


  •     United Internet helps together with UNICEF

The United Internet for UNICEF foundation helps children in need due to the war in Ukraine:

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  • Akamai supports Ukranian authorities with cybersecurity products and expertise

Akamai stands with the people of Ukraine. As the assault on Ukraine continues, we are inspired by the courageous citizens defending their sovereignty. Beyond complying with all applicable sanctions, we are responding to humanitarian needs through the Akamai Foundation and are committed to ongoing support of the Ukrainian people.

We have also made our products and our cybersecurity experts available to Ukrainian government agencies so that the country's citizens are protected and have access to the information they need to defend their country.

We thank our employees, especially those in Krakow and across Europe, who volunteered, donated, and reminded us that while our collective condemnation must be swift, clear, and unified, we must also provide resources and support for the long term as those affected will continue to struggle with the consequences of this crisis.

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  • Cisco helps detect and fight against cyberattacks

To help those in Ukraine, we are enabling auto-renewals on any software or services for our Ukrainian customers at no charge, and offering one free year of Webex meetings. We are also providing free calls to Ukraine.

We are also accelerating the work we’ve been doing over the past few weeks to do all that we can to help protect organizations in Ukraine from cyberattacks, safeguard the privacy of institutions in Ukraine and the region, and help the Ukrainian government secure its infrastructure. The work being done by our Talos threat intelligence team to monitor the landscape, hunt malicious actors and deploy defenses, while openly sharing its findings is essential in contributing to the safety of our customers globally. 

In addition to new security protections that are constantly being updated and rolled out, Talos has put together a team of volunteers who have been hunting threats around the clock and watch over the networks of critical organizations in Ukraine. They are also helping manage Secure Endpoint configurations with teams of dedicated engineers, and serving as defenders from inside Ukrainian networks.

Our Internet intelligence team at ThousandEyes has also been actively monitoring the Internet activity of dozens of critical Ukrainian websites, enabling government agencies and banks in the region to deploy countermeasures and protect against attacks.

The War in Ukraine: Supporting our Customers, Partners and Communities - Cisco

  •     EWE employees collect relief supplies for refugees

Relief supplies for refugees are currently being collected at all EWE locations. These will then be taken to Poland and distributed locally by EWE Polska to the facilities in Poland that are taking in and caring for the refugees from Ukraine.

  •     Relief transports to Ukraine

Energie Baden-Württemberg Ostwürttemberg DonauRies AG, a sister company of NetCom BW, has launched a campaign to transport relief supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border. With the help of the buses provided, Ukrainians who have fled the war can also be transported to Germany.

Numerous BREKO companies offer free calls and SMS to Ukraine:

  • 1&1

Many 1&1 customers have Ukrainian roots and family, friends or acquaintances in the region with whom they are in contact as intensively as possible in these uncertain times. For this reason, all calls and SMS from Germany to Ukraine from the 1&1 networks have been free of charge since February 23, 2022. This applies to both fixed-network and mobile calls.

Free calls - 1&1

  • Colt

We're making fixed and mobile calls terminating in Ukraine on Colt numbers free of charge during March 2022.

Colt LinkedIn page

  • Com-In

We are deeply concerned about the current situation in Ukraine. All customers who want to call their relatives, friends or business partners in Ukraine from the COM-IN network can do so free of charge from now on until further notice.

Com-In Facebook page

  • German fiber optics

Ukraine: Connections free of charge

We would like to support you in keeping in touch with your family and friends in Ukraine during this difficult time. Therefore, the landline and mobile connections to Ukraine are free of charge for you.

  • EWE Tel

Contacts with family, friends and acquaintances in Ukraine are tremendously important. For this reason EWE informs that standard calls and SMS from Germany to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Germany are free of charge. There are also no costs for data connections booked in Ukraine. The promotion applies - retroactively to February 23, 2022 - to all private and business customers with a mobile and/or fixed-network contract with EWE. The charges are automatically suspended.

    Calls and SMS to Ukraine now free of charge - EWE AG

  • GVG fiber optics

Ukraine: We support with free calls

We are deeply shocked by the war in Ukraine. Millions of people are fleeing or cannot flee and have to hold out. Our thoughts are with them. To enable you to contact your families, relatives and friends in Ukraine at any time, all fixed-line calls from our networks to all fixed and mobile networks in Ukraine are now free of charge. This applies retroactively for the entire month of February and for an unlimited period until further notice!

Ukraine: We support with free calls - GVG Glasfaser

  • Leonet

Free Calls to Ukraine for Leonet Customers

For all customers of LEONET AG since 01.03.22 telephone calls via LEONET telephone lines to Ukrainian landline and mobile numbers are free of charge. The arrangement is initially valid until the end of March 2022 and includes all destination numbers with the international prefix +380. With this, we also want to express a sign of sympathy and solidarity with all Ukrainians and their relatives, and hope for an end to the fighting and the humanitarian disaster as soon as possible.

Free phone calls to Ukraine for LEONET customers - LEONET

  • LEW Telnet

Ukraine war: We want to help! For LEW TelNet customers all calls to the fixed and mobile network of Ukraine are free of charge from now on until 30.06.2022. Our thoughts are with all people who live in Ukraine, have relatives and friends there, or have business connections in Ukraine.

Further information

  • NetCom BW

We at NetCom BW have launched two aid campaigns for Ukraine: We at NetCom BW are also deeply saddened and shocked by the attack on Ukraine. To ensure that our customers (whether private or business) can maintain contact with family members and loved ones on the ground, we have therefore decided to make all calls to Ukraine free of charge retroactive to February 1, 2022 and at least until the end of March. Our thoughts continue to be with the Ukrainian citizens.

NetCom BW waives connection charges for calls to Ukraine: NetCom BW GmbH

  • Tele Columbus

The Tele Columbus Group reacts to the current situation in Ukraine. Until further notice, all private and business customers can make calls from their PŸUR connections and PŸUR Business connections to Ukraine free of charge.

Phone calls to Ukraine for all PŸUR and PŸUR Business customers now free of charge - Tele Columbus AG

  • Wittenberg Net

Telephone calls to Ukraine immediately free of charge for all wittenberg net customers.

Until further notice, all private and business customers can phone free of charge from their wittenberg net connections to Ukraine.

Phone calls to Ukraine - wittenberg-net GmbH

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