BREKO Market Study 2023

Fibre optic expansion remains on track despite numerous challenges: Fibre optic available to more than one third of households nationwide

30/08/2023 With the BREKO Market Analysis 2023 published today, the German Broadband Association (BREKO) shows that Germany, with a fibre coverage of 35.6 percent (as of 30 June 2023), is well on its way to achieving the federal government's roll-out targets. With record investments, Telekom's competitors are ensuring a high pace of network roll-out, especially in the privately funded fibre roll-out. In addition to long-standing hurdles such as a lack of skilled workers and slow approval procedures, the tactical duplication of fibre networks in particular threatens to become a brake on the roll-out.

  • Fibre coverage in Germany at 35.6 percent in mid-2023
  • Telekom's competitors are investing more than ever in the digitisation of Germany: 8.4 billion euros
  • Network duplication by Telekom jeopardises fibre-optic targets of the federal government: reported cases in more than 220 municipalities
  • On a ferderal state level, Schleswig-Holstein remains the front-runner. Brandenburg with largest increase in fibre connections

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BREKO Marktanalyse 2022

One in four households in Germany has access to fibre networks

Fibre for all by 2030: The German Federal Government has set high targets for the nationwide deployment of future-proof digital infrastructure in its Gigabit Strategy. Today, the German Broadband Association (BREKO) presents its Market Study 2022, an extensive analysis on the development of fibre deployment in Germany. With a fibre coverage of 26% (as of 30 June 2022) a first milestone has been reached to meet these goals. However, in order to achieve the Federal Government’s objective to supply half of German households and businesses with fibre by 2025 further improved conditions for deployment will be necessary.

  • German fibre coverage at 26% (mid-2022)
  • Network operators built approximately 4.4 million new fibre connections since end of 2020
  • Demand is increasing, fibre connections on their way to becoming the new standard
  • Positive forecast for future deployment, but associated with risks

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BREKO BroadbandStudy 21

BREKO Broadband Study 2021: Record investments in fibre deployment meet great demand among the population.

  • 8.3 million fibre connections available, the fibre rate increases to 17.7%
  • Positive investment climate: € 43 billion for deployment until 2025
  • Demand for fibre connections is increasing an
  • Third place for Germany in fibre connections growth in Europe

Together with the renowned telecommunications expert and economist Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker, the German Broadband Association BREKO presented its current analysis on the state of fibre deployment in Germany. In all key data there was a positiv development. The further increase in demand and ever stronger growth in data consumption support the need to expand fibre-optic networks as a future-proof and sustainable digital infrastructure. The high willingness to invest on the part of established and new market players will continue to ensure strong growth in fibre-optic connections in the coming years. In order to further increase the speed of expansion, the next federal government is called upon to further improve the framework conditions.

BREKO Broadband Study 20

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Fiber rollout continues to gain pace - BREKO market analysis20 shows: Alternative network operators are driving fiber rollout in Germany

Published: 01 September 2020

The German Broadband Communications Association (BREKO), together with renowned telecommunications expert and economist Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker, today presented jointly collected market data on the current situation in the telecommunications market. The results show a positive development of fiber optic expansion in Germany. The number of available fiber-optic connections, demand for fast Internet, and investments in expansion are rising. The drivers of this development continue to be the alternative network operators.

BREKO Broadband Study 19

BREKO network operators with record investments in future-proof fiber optic networks

Published: August 21, 2019

The German Broadband Communications Association (BREKO), together with renowned telecommunications expert and economist Prof. Dr. Jens Böcker, today presented the jointly collected market data on the current situation in the telecommunications market. Positive message and clear signal: the now more than 190 network operators of BREKO invested more in the telecommunications market in 2018 than ever before: they made investments of around EUR 2.5 billion - and thus significantly exceeded the BREKO's previous year's forecast (EUR 2.2 billion). 80 percent of the network expansion is being carried out on the company's own initiative without government subsidies. A particularly important finding of the market analysis is that fixed-network lines will not be replaced by mobile communications in the future either!

BREKO Broadband Study 18

Strong growth in data volumes expected in the fixed network. Expansion with fiber optics essential.

Published: September 26, 2018

The BREKO Broadband Study 2018 shows: The new German government's focus on future-proof fiber is consistent - it is the only way to give our country the best digital infrastructure and thus the basis for growth and prosperity.

Now, politicians and regulators must focus on three important levers in particular to push nationwide fiber rollout even more strongly: the needs-based further development of the federal subsidy program including the introduction of vouchers for future-proof fiber connections to further boost demand, the urgently needed reform of the DigiNetz Act to prevent harmful over/double rollout, and diversity and competition in future 5G mobile communications through a service provider obligation and regionally allocated frequencies to generate further investment funds for fiber rollout.

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