BREKO Brussels Office

Daniel Frederik Schäfer

EU Transparency Register: 028570718529-43

BREKO's Brussels office is its main interface with the European institutions. Located in the heart of the European Quarter, we are the collective voice of more than 400 members committed to competition in the telecommunications market. The Brussels office works closely with European decision-makers, other European trade associations, regional representations and civil society to pave the way for a future-proof fibre infrastructure.

We focus on both regulatory and policy activities, striving to bring fibre to every home and transform Europe into a gigabit society. Some of the current policy areas we are working on include:  

  • Digital Single Market and Connectivity (European Electronic Communications Code, revision of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive, EU Market Recommendation for the electronic communications sector, revision of the NGA Access Recommendation and the NDCM Recommendation, Digital Services Act).
  • Competition (Broadband State Aid Guidelines)
  • Data protection (ePrivacy Regulation)
  • European Funds (CEF2, Digital Europe Programme)
  • Cybersecurity (NIS Directive, Cybersecurity Act)

BREKO in English

Unfortunately, this page is only available in German at the moment. You can find information about BREKO in English at BREKO European Office.