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Setics is a independent firm specialising in the design and management of high-speed Broadband networks (FTTH) projects in France, in Europe and abroad. We also develop and commercialize Setics Sttar, an innovative software for FTTx network design and optimization (FTTH, FTTC, FTTla etc.) that speeds up, cut costs and improve quality during the design phases.

Wir sind Spezialist für ...

providing assistance in digital infrastructure projects in low-density area.

Wir sind Mitglied im BREKO, weil ...

we have an office in Köln where our software is developed and existing German customers.

Name des Unternehmens Setics SA
Straße 7 Rue Biscornet
PLZ, Ort 75012 Paris
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Unfortunately, this page is only available in German at the moment. You can find information about BREKO in English at BREKO European Office.