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Hitron was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Taiwan. Hitron develops and produces DOCSIS cable modem/router hardware for ISPs. Hitron see the growing demand for Fiber ONT CPEs and invest to acquire the domain know-how. German market is one of the markets that Hitron commits to thrive as soon as the opportournity presents the right momentum. Starting within BREKO coummunity, we are excited to present our FTTH ONT product line which is consisted of Layer-2 ONT Modem and Layer-3 ONT Router based on either contemporary GPON or next generation XGSPON technology. The L-3 ONT Router (HGU) comes with the option to integrate WiFi 6E or WiFi 7 technologies to provide immersive end user experiences and superior connection speeds at very competitive cost, thanks to the highly integrated SoC.

Ready to amaze your subscribers with whole new WiFi experiences and deliver them on your fiber connections ? Here is the summary of the advantages :

  • boosted speed with ultra low latency for AR & VR applications
  • Rock-Solid Reliability , interruption-free wireless experience
  • Wired-Like Responsiveness to deliver Non-compromised Gaming experience
  • lag-free 8K video streaming
  • GB file sharing in just few seconds
  • Enhanced Security
  • Boost of IoT.......etc.

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Wir sind Spezialist für ...

high speed broadband CPE design and manufacture

Wir sind Mitglied im BREKO, weil ...

  1. Access to the fiber operators for potential ONT business
  2. Encourage competition , change monopoly situation
  3. seek the possibility to include ONT solution ( modem & router) in Open Access
Name des Unternehmens Hitron Technologies Europe Holding B. V.
Straße Kingsfordweg 151
PLZ, Ort 1043 GR Amsterdam
Telefon: +31 (0)20 491 9440
E-Mail: sales.eu@hitrontech.com
Website: Website https://www.hitrontech.com/fiber/
FTTH CPE Fiber ONT Layer 2 ONT Modem Layer 3 Fiber Gateway GPON ONU XGSPON ONU WiFi7 WiFi6 Cable Modem Cable Router DOCSIS

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